Home Office Desks – A Review of the Top Five Styles

At one time home offices were only found in affluent well to do households. These days however, having an office in a home has become just as vital and important as having a kitchen or a bathroom. Times have changed, society has changed and the home office has come to the foreground in our modern lives.

The key to creating a successful home office it choosing the right office desk to go in it.

Mayline Napoli 72" W Office Desk Finish: Sierra Cherry

There is now a huge selection of office desks on the market, here is my review of the top five styles of home office desk.

Writing desks

Before computers came along all office desks were writing desks. Writing desks tend to be simple, open desks with limited storage and a large desk top. If you are looking for a desk with a minimalist design this is the desk for you.  Writing desks generally embrace a conservative design which can confer a feeling of elegance. This type of desk design will work better with a laptop than a desktop computer for your office work.

Here are three popular writing desks:

Bush Findley Parson’s Desk

Bush Warwick 48″ Desk with Technology Integration

South Shore Element 48″ W Desk in Chocolate

Computer desks

If practicality is your number one criteria then a computer desk will be your first choice. Usually when we say computer desk it means a desk specifically designed to house a desktop computer. A dedicated compartment to place your computer tower and other peripherals will be the norm with this type of desk and if you look at the more up market models grommets to hide the cables are a standard feature.

Here are three popular computer desks:

Sauder Falls Village Computer Desk in Soft White

Techni Mobili Super Storage Computer Desk

Bush Tacoma Corner Wood Computer Desk in Harvest Cherry

Corner desks

If you are looking for a space-saving desk then a corner desk is a great choice. A corner desk may be composed of two identical desk modules  which fit  together at right angles or it might be one desk component which is bigger than the other and so gives an L-shaped aspect. Corner desks can be small compact units or if you look at a higher end model then you can find expansive wraparound desks which offer plenty of workspace and lots of storage.

Here are three popular corner desks:

Sauder Orchard Hills Corner Computer Desk in Carolina Oak

Sauder Beginnings Corner Computer Desk In Mission Cherry

Bush Birmingham Corner Desk

Office desk with hutch

If you have an office which is relatively small but your storage requirements are high then an office desk with hutch is the ideal solution. Typically with this type of desk you will have a regular desktop on which you can work accompanied by a matching cabinet with drawers and shelves so that you can store your computer, it’s peripherals, and other office supplies and tools.

Here are three popular office desks with hutch:

Bush Stanford Collection Desk and Hutch

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Desk with Hutch In Abbey Oak

Also see my Home Office Desk With Hutch Buying Guide.

Secretary desks

This style of home office desk will usually be found in the smaller home office or you might even sit it in a large hallway. More of an organizational cabinet than a functional desk, the secretary desk will generally feature an array of compartments for organizing stationary, mail, writing tools and other similar equipment. Typically the writing surface will be a hinged on panel that folds down from the angled face of the desk.

These are the 5 main styles of home office desk.


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