Home Office Desk With Hutch Buying Guide

Buying a home office desk with hutch can be confusing especially with a huge selection to choose from with so many features.

First things first, why the hutch? The hutch is just a raised area on your desk which usually takes the form of an open or closed cabinet. The principal advantage of a home office desk with hutch as compared to a regular home office desk is that you will have an increased storage area to store working accessories such as books, lamps, computer peripherals, CDs etc.

The following is an overview of the Home Office desks with hutch currently  on the market so you can make the right choice.

Small Home Office desk with Hutch

Don’t think that because you have decided to buy a home office desk with a Hutch is that you are obliged buy a big expensive desk.  Take for instance the south shore computer desk in black. This bestselling desk, commonly sold on Amazon on for under $100 is basically a small Home Office desk with hutch. Granted the Hutch is only small but it’s still there and it does give valuable extra storage space within arms reach.

If you are wanting something a little bigger than you might consider something like the Sauder Camden County computer desk with Hutch.

Home Office Desk With Hutch

Sauder Camden County Computer Desk with Hutch

This is 44” wide computer desk with hutch is constructed of top quality medium density fiberboard and has a durable Planked Cherry laminate finish with antiqued metal hardware. The desk has a pullout keyboard shelf, an enclosed vertical CPU compartment and a utility drawer on metal slides with drawer stops.

This is a popular model which comes in a choice of other finishes so that you can choose one which fits in best with your decor.

Corner Home Office desk with Hutch

This is another variation. Corner office desks are a good choice if you are looking to optimize the floor space in a small room or office. Again the addition of a Hutch makes it so that you are able to further optimize the space at hand. Depending on your decor, the Carolina Oak Corner Computer Desk with Hutch is a great choice, offering all the storage advantages that a full-sized hutch with multiple shelves confers.

Another example might be the Bush Stanford Collection Desk and Hutch.  Again this offers a full-sized Hutch, with the peculiarity of doors on the shelves. This has the advantage of being able to give an impression of tidiness (when you close the doors), even if it may be a false one.

Executive Home Office Desk with Hutch

If you’re looking to buy an executive home office desk, then this would suggest that you mean business, in all senses of the word. Executive desks tend to be bigger and more imposing. The  Birmingham Computer Desk with Hutch is a good example. This executive home office desk in Harvest Cherry laminate finish features a letter size file drawer, pullout keyboard tray , CPU storage cabinet and a box drawer. The icing on the cake is of course the Hutch which offers additional open and concealed storage space.

As you can see there are many different types, collars, shapes, and sizes of desk in this category. As always with desks, the size of your room, the dominant décor and your budget are the principal factors to keep in mind in making your choice. Use the above tips to make sure you buy the right home office desk with hutch for you!


  1. Gert Hough says:

    I am a fan of a large corporate dark wood desk. For the purpose of running a homebased business in a relatively small room at home, this looks perfect for the average computer user. A 15 to 17 inch flat screen would be an even better fit and the wood work makes this Hutch look like a master piece.

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