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Rare though they may be, there are those times when I call my wife from wherever she is in the house so I can show her a desk that I am writing about. Don’t get me wrong, I often see desks which I find striking, but if I showed her every single one, it would lose its emphasis. I can find something redeeming about even the most utilitarian and seemingly unattractive desk. I am easily enamored with a desk that offers that perfect marriage between form and function. But then there are those desks that stop me dead in my tracks and say, “I want that desk!” The Mayline Mira U-Shaped 3-Drawer Pedestal Desk with Bow Front is the desk that did it for me this month.

What Sold Me On This Desk?

I am not sure whether Mayline meant to call their desk “Look”, but in Spanish, Mira means look, as in “Come, look at this” or “Come, look at me”.

Mayline Mira U-Shaped 3-Drawer Pedestal Desk with Bow Front

That is exactly what I want to do with this desk. I scarcely know where to begin! Its size alone is enough to make me want to jump in and start working. Thoughts of spinning around in my executive chair bouncing from the main desk to the bridge, to the credenza and back run through my mind. I will admit the whole idea makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. For a person who loves lots of work surface space, I look at this desk and actually envision myself spreading papers out, organizing them, filing them and then creating more work. Yes, that’s it! This desk makes me want to produce and continue producing. With a desk like this, there is no reason to simply “make do”. If you are the owner of this desk, you can’t possibly want for anything. I will admit that part of it is the luxurious feel of the AA grade North American veneers. Surely the medium cherry finish does nothing to minimize my attraction to it. It screams not only robust but it does so with utter grace and sophistication.

With two sets of 3-drawer cabinets, I dare you to run out of places to store anything. Whatever you can dream of, between the 4 drawers of equal size, you can find a place for it. Additionally, each offers you ample storage for your letter or legal sized files. Expect the usual grommets to hide away your cables and you are ready to plug in your laptop or desktop and get busy. Did I mention that Mayline Mira is also easy-to-assemble?

Aside From Me, Who Else Will Love This Desk?

Clearly this desk is designed for a CEO, CFO or VP. Its size, the statement it makes and its understated beauty: this desk begs to be seen and have its owner revel in all the glory.

Where Would This Desk Not “Fit”?

Indeed it’s decedent, gorgeous and simply delicious, however, it might be a bit much for a home office. I think it would dwarf an office in your home, I know it would mine. It would be extremely indulgent to give a desk such as this to a high school or college student.

My Final Words…

I am not sure that I can express it more clearly; perhaps I could fly a banner from an airplane. This is one stunning desk! If you are considering buying one, I am extremely confident you and it will be happy for years to come. And the best part is that CSN offers you this relationship with no strings attached. Their limited lifetime warranty certainly entices me the more I look it. You will want to take advantage of their ‘white glove’ shipping, which means that instead of delivering it to the door, you can have this desk delivered straight into your office and even set up. Can you think of a purchase more worthy of this service? I can’t. Click here for the best deal on the Mayline Mira U-Shaped 3-Drawer Pedestal Desk with Bow Front!

Dimensions of the bow front desk: 29″H x 72″W x 36″D

Dimensions of the bridge: 29″H x 48″W x 24″D

Dimensions of the credenza: 29″H x 72″W x 24″D

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