Mayline Sorrento L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter

I realize that I am hardly the first one who said it, the expression really applies here: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” If someone is walking into your office for the first time, ask yourself what you’d like to communicate to him or her. What should their first impression be? If the first thing they see is a desk like the Mayline Sorrento L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter, one thing is for certain, you won’t have to be concerned. If they’ve formed an opinion about it, chances are great that it is favorable.

Features That Make This Mayline Reception Desk Unique…

For starters, I love the look of this desk. It’s sophisticated and looks incredibly luxurious.

Mayline reception desk

Mayline Sorrento L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter

The AA-grade North American hardwood veneers definitely are the difference between a flimsy desk and one that is well made and stunning. For all its beauty, a few details that caught my attention are the inlaid borders (color varies depending on which finish you opt for) and the optional marble countertop. If the latter doesn’t communicate luxury and subtle sophistication, I am not sure what else could.

Although I doubt any company wants to hire me as their receptionist, I’d be more than thrilled to sit behind this desk. Unlike others that can easily be outgrown and were clearly afterthoughts, the attention that has gone into this Mayline reception desk communicates that a company is serious about making a statement. But even if the desk were homely, which it is far from, if you are sitting behind it, you are expected to be busy and the keeper of a lot of information.

Other extras that you will find set this desk apart from most others:

  • The pencil drawer in the pedestal can be used to elevate your laptop
  • Your choice between Bourbon Cherry (worth the extra cost) or Espresso Walnut finish
  • The ability to choose between a left or right-handed return
  • More than ample storage and drawers for personal effects, supplies and peripherals
  • Built-in trays for in/outbox and work you’re currently working on

Is This Mayline Reception Desk Best Suited For You?

I can only see two appropriate applications for the L-Shaped Reception Desk. The obvious one is in the lobby or front entrance of a company who places lots of emphasis on elegance, sophistication, and for whom price is less of a consideration than the image it conveys. A desk such as this is only one of many indications that your company’s clientele expects nothing short of excellence and quality. Another place I see this desk is outside the office of the CEO or VP. Although as an executive assistant to the head of the company, you aren’t fielding as many visitors, your job often becomes one of meeting, greeting and representing the face of the company.

You Won’t Need This Desk If…

For all this perfection, this Mayline reception desk might be too much (Desk Dimensions: 29.5″ H x 68-72″ W x 39″ D)  for home office use. It’s just ‘too much’. For that same reason, it seems inappropriate for a college student.

My Final Thoughts On This Mayline Reception Desk…

I have managed to find another winner to fall in love with. Combining the size, functionality, elegance and practicality that epitomizes what a reception desk is supposed to be, it was hard to overlook the Mayline Sorrento L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter. I love the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. One thing is certain though, with such a heavy discount off its original price and free shipping, this desk is literally a steal – click here to steal the best deal on this Mayline Reception Desk with Counter.

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