Mayline Sorrento 72” W Reception Desk with Counter

There are many things to consider when shopping for a reception desk. Clearly making a great first impression is one. After all, the reception area, the desk and the person behind it can be the deciding factor whether a potential client, patient or someone awaiting a job interview gets a warm and welcoming feeling or feels put off and leaves. Not all receiving areas have large spaces to accommodate a stately desk, but that is no reason to put ‘any ol’ desk’ in your lobby. Compact, elegant and highly functional is the Mayline Sorrento 72” W Reception Desk with Counter. [Read more…]

Mayline Napoli 87″ Reception Desk and Return with Screen

There’s a very common expression that goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This can of course apply to anything. In this case, how people perceive your office and you the first time they walk through the doors of your company often sets the tone for how seriously they take you. If it is obvious that your receptionist’s desk is a “hand-me-down”, a visiting client might conclude that you may put an equal amount of effort into his or her account. On the other hand, if a client walks in and is greeted by a friendly man or women sitting behind the Mayline Napoli 87″ Reception Desk and Return with Screen, you have already left him or her with a great first impression of your company and you. [Read more…]

Mayline CSII 39″ D Two Pedestal Bow Front Office Desk

When you are shopping for a desk, or anything for that matter, sometimes it’s the simple things such as having choices that can be the difference between passing something over and stopping for a second look. Apart from all the wonderful features of the Mayline CSII 39” D Two Pedestal Bow Front Office Desk, which we’ll go into at length, the option to customize it made me stop for that second look. What I found once I did was enough to excite me.

Elegance Meets Options And So Much More

To start with, I love the overall look of this desk. It communicates professional with that touch of understated elegance.

Mayline CSII 39 inch D Two Pedestal Bow Front Office Desk

The surface is ideal if you are someone who utilizes every inch of your desk. The functionality continues from corner to corner and isn’t just for show. Offering essentially three separate workstations, means your detailed work won’t interfere with times when you need to spread out papers or when you have to meet with a subordinate or client. Under the hutch is ample room for you to work on your computer, have access to project files and have books or other reference materials within arm’s reach. Swing around to your left and you have 60 inches to compare text or numbers on several pages simultaneously. And for those impromptu meetings with your junior managers, executive assistant or a client, the conference overhang allows you to have those meetings, without giving them a bird’s eye view into anything that may be confidential.

Above your inner desk are two extremely stylish, and again, understated flip top cabinets. Storage of anything from books to binders or other reference materials fit neatly above your head and out of your way. In addition to all of this, the majority of your desk is comprised of 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Exterior portions are reinforced 18 or 22 gauge, depending which width you choose, 60, 66 or 72 inches. Here is where the rest of your choices come into play. How often have you loved a desk but wished it contained more filing cabinets than it did smaller drawers, or vice versa? Each office worker performs different functions and therefore requires different storage. No one size should fit all, right? With three different pedestal configurations, have your choice of:

  • 1 box/box/file, 1 file/file
  • 2 box/box/file
  • 2 file/file

And the choices don’t end with just those that are functional. Whether you prefer light, medium or dark tones, the Bow Front Desk comes in three different lustrous finishes to match your existing décor.

  • Black/Crown Cherry
  • Desert Sage/Sandstone
  • Medium Tone/Windswept Pewter

Who I See Behind This Desk

Based on its stylish good looks, size and functionality, I see someone with a commanding presence behind this desk; a CEO, Vice President or other high level executive comes to mind. Lacking all the fancy desk pulls, contoured edging and beveling that many desks in this class have, I see you being someone who doesn’t need lots of bells and whistles to get your job done. Not just a figurehead, you are someone who requires elegance in your office, but you also spend 8 hours a day being productive.

Who I Do Not See Behind This Desk

Exuding sophistication, I don’t see this desk in a college dorm, your teenage son or daughter’s room or even quite frankly, a home office. The last one I could be convinced otherwise, but its sheer size might be a bit obtrusive in most rooms in a person’s home.

My Final Comments…

A desk as practical, beautiful and sturdy as the Mayline CSII 39” D Two Pedestal Bow Front Office Desk really deserves a person behind it who will use ever corner of it. With more than ample surface space and legroom, this desk just begs to be used and not just ogled at. Between the stylish features, custom finishes, robust construction, pedestal configurations and optional sizing, no executive should want for anything except for the nearest delivery date. Get the best deal on the  Mayline CSII 39” D Two Pedestal Bow Front Office Desk today with my preferred merchant CSN stores.