Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk

One thing I have come to believe since I began reviewing desks is that the expression, “there’s something for everyone” really can apply to nearly everything in life. I have reviewed stately desks with several nooks and crannies for the person who likes to hide everything away, to ones that are simply surfaces and ideal for the ultimate paperless person. Something about the Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk caught my eye. I think the fact that on the outside it looks as though it’s a stately desk but take a closer look and you’ll see that there is actually a very elegant shell of a desk.

What Caught My Eye…

Available in three widths – 60, 66 or 72 inches – this desk is plenty long.

Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk

Whether you are a minimalist or someone who likes both functional and ornamental items on your desk, there’s plenty of room to indulge your personality. It is a simple and understated desk and lacks all the ornate features of many desks in its class. But I assure you the Aberdeen boasts plenty of class.

Regardless which finish you choose – between the Cherry, the Cherry/Graphite or the Mocha – your desk will convey all the sophistication and grace you want and compliment any décor in your office at the same time. Its recessed panel in the desk’s rear takes what could seem like an ordinary box and turns it into something far more elegant. At its base is that extra kryptonite I like to see in a desk. Fortified with a roughly 1.5” thick thermally–fused laminate work surface, the top of the desk is extra durable but all that you or anyone else sees is a little extra flair. Another nice touch are that the usually provided grommets – 2.375” in diameter – are made with brushed nickel.  I love desks that allow me to hide away my computer and peripheral cords, so they are accessible but not visible. Probably something that hadn’t occurred to me until I really looked closely at this desk is that it can be a stand-alone desk or be coupled with several options. Among them, Mayline offers returns both left-handed and right-handed people. Suddenly its usefulness and appeal went up ten-fold for me. It’s one of those desks that can grow as your needs and responsibilities change.

Will You Be Drawn to This Desk?

A desk this lovely, understated and versatile should interest a wide variety of people. I can easily see the Aberdeen desk in the office of an executive, mid-level manager, a home office and the office of a college student.

Who Won’t This Desk Be Ideal For…

Quite honestly, I am having a difficult time deciding who might not like this desk. It is one of the few opportunities for me to review a desk that I honestly feel is all-inclusive.

The Bottom Line for Me…

I could easily take this desk home as is. And while this desk can be perfectly suitable functioning on its own, you might need a few more options. By adding the Aberdeen hutch with wood doors, the Aberdeen lateral file or the Aberdeen Peninsula Return, you can have a great desk with a little more ‘oomph’! And with a lifetime warranty on this desk and its accessories, is there really a reason not to consider it? Click here for the best deal on the Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk today!

Overall dimensions: 29.5″ H x 60″-72″ W x 30″ D