Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk

One thing I have come to believe since I began reviewing desks is that the expression, “there’s something for everyone” really can apply to nearly everything in life. I have reviewed stately desks with several nooks and crannies for the person who likes to hide everything away, to ones that are simply surfaces and ideal for the ultimate paperless person. Something about the Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk caught my eye. I think the fact that on the outside it looks as though it’s a stately desk but take a closer look and you’ll see that there is actually a very elegant shell of a desk.

What Caught My Eye…

Available in three widths – 60, 66 or 72 inches – this desk is plenty long.

Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk

Whether you are a minimalist or someone who likes both functional and ornamental items on your desk, there’s plenty of room to indulge your personality. It is a simple and understated desk and lacks all the ornate features of many desks in its class. But I assure you the Aberdeen boasts plenty of class.

Regardless which finish you choose – between the Cherry, the Cherry/Graphite or the Mocha – your desk will convey all the sophistication and grace you want and compliment any décor in your office at the same time. Its recessed panel in the desk’s rear takes what could seem like an ordinary box and turns it into something far more elegant. At its base is that extra kryptonite I like to see in a desk. Fortified with a roughly 1.5” thick thermally–fused laminate work surface, the top of the desk is extra durable but all that you or anyone else sees is a little extra flair. Another nice touch are that the usually provided grommets – 2.375” in diameter – are made with brushed nickel.  I love desks that allow me to hide away my computer and peripheral cords, so they are accessible but not visible. Probably something that hadn’t occurred to me until I really looked closely at this desk is that it can be a stand-alone desk or be coupled with several options. Among them, Mayline offers returns both left-handed and right-handed people. Suddenly its usefulness and appeal went up ten-fold for me. It’s one of those desks that can grow as your needs and responsibilities change.

Will You Be Drawn to This Desk?

A desk this lovely, understated and versatile should interest a wide variety of people. I can easily see the Aberdeen desk in the office of an executive, mid-level manager, a home office and the office of a college student.

Who Won’t This Desk Be Ideal For…

Quite honestly, I am having a difficult time deciding who might not like this desk. It is one of the few opportunities for me to review a desk that I honestly feel is all-inclusive.

The Bottom Line for Me…

I could easily take this desk home as is. And while this desk can be perfectly suitable functioning on its own, you might need a few more options. By adding the Aberdeen hutch with wood doors, the Aberdeen lateral file or the Aberdeen Peninsula Return, you can have a great desk with a little more ‘oomph’! And with a lifetime warranty on this desk and its accessories, is there really a reason not to consider it? Click here for the best deal on the Mayline Aberdeen Straight Front Desk today!

Overall dimensions: 29.5″ H x 60″-72″ W x 30″ D

Mayline Napoli 87″ Reception Desk and Return with Screen

There’s a very common expression that goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This can of course apply to anything. In this case, how people perceive your office and you the first time they walk through the doors of your company often sets the tone for how seriously they take you. If it is obvious that your receptionist’s desk is a “hand-me-down”, a visiting client might conclude that you may put an equal amount of effort into his or her account. On the other hand, if a client walks in and is greeted by a friendly man or women sitting behind the Mayline Napoli 87″ Reception Desk and Return with Screen, you have already left him or her with a great first impression of your company and you. [Read more…]

Mayline CSII 36″ D Two Pedestal Rectangular Office Desk

One of the more frustrating things about desks for home office use is that sometimes when companies design them to be compact to fit into any size room, they neglect to address two important factors. One is: Lack of space doesn’t mean you are less productive than if you were working in an office building. The other is: just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you need anything less sturdy either. Your needs may be different now that you work from home, but your desk needs to be just as functional, solid and while we’re on the topic, attractive. Enter the Mayline CSII 36″ D Two Pedestal Rectangular Office Desk into your life.

Everything You Want in a Desk, Nothing You Don’t

Probably the most suprising thing about this desk is its price. I saw its features, which are myriad and thought to myself, “wow, now that’s a great deal!”

Mayline CSII 36 inch D Two Pedestal Rectangular Office Desk

So, what can you get for under $750 nowadays? The short answer is plenty, but let’s run through it all, shall we? For one thing, you get not one but two desks. If space provides, you can create a desk with a left or right hand return or if your office is longer than it is wider, you can have one up against the wall and the other opposite it. The nice thing about this arrangement is that you have created a kind of command central or a cocoon-feel. Both desks are constructed using 14-gauge steel for the interior and 18 or 22 gauge on the exterior. The ‘or’ refers to where extra kryptonite is needed in places that might otherwise take more of a beating, such as corners.

Both desks are available in 60, 66 or 72-inch widths. If your room is plenty big, by all means, spend the extra money and get the largest you can afford. If you are anything like me, you will fill it out. I personally can never have enough surface area to work with. The CSII 36 comes complete with the obligatory keyboard drawer, leveling guides and grommets, but one thing that it has that most in this class don’t are customizable storage options. Usually reserved for executive style desks, both pedestals offer you a choice of the configuration you want. Choose from:

  • 1 box/box/file, 1 file/file
  • 2 box/box/file
  • 2 file/file

And last but by certainly no means least, the Mayline pedestals come in three different finishes to match your décor. Whether the black/crown cherry, desert sage/sunstone or medium tone/windswept pewter will look best in your office, only you can decide, but you don’t have to compromise with a color you don’t really want.

Who Do I See Inside Command Central?

I absolutely see this set up in a home office. I think it’s perfect if you have a home-based business and you need all the amenities you’re used to, but you work from home. Although it’s stylish, it won’t look out of place or too ornate in your home.

Who Don’t I See at the Helm of THIS Command Central?

For all its style, functionality and cool options, I don’t see an executive, such as a CEO or VP at its helm. It is indeed stylish and it will appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes, but it doesn’t have that executive flair a person in that position requires. I probably don’t see it in your son or daughter’s college dorm room or bedroom at home, either. It has more going for it than either situation calls for. I could be wrong, but most teenagers won’t appreciate a desk set like this.

What’s My Overall Take on Things?

Strong, attractive, not overstated or ostentatious, this desk will stand out for its function and design not for being over the top. Judging from the construction and attention to detail, I think you will own this desk for many, many years. Knowing that CSN offers its no hassle return policy, I say there is no reason not to buy it. However, I’ll be highly surprised if you don’t love it fully once it’s assembled and you’re at the helm. Click here for the best deal on the Mayline CSII 36″ D Two Pedestal Rectangular Office Desk today!

Overall Dimensions: 29″ H x 60-72″ W x 36″ D

Mayline Sorrento 72″ W Table Desk – STD72

What kind of office style do you have? Is it a rich, warm room with Victorian flair? Perhaps a greener jungle theme, or cool grays and blues? Each office needs a theme or a unifying feel and some desks, chairs and peripherals go better with certain themes. If you are looking for a streamlined, warm, sophisticated desk that gets the job done with style to spare, then the Mayline Sorrento 72” wide table desk is definitely worth your consideration.

The Look That Sets This Desk Apart

This exquisite piece is a functional beauty, perfect for the key element of an office around which everything else is modeled.

Mayline Sorrento 72 inch Wide Table Desk

Classic lines and a sleek profile make the Sorrento a true gem with superb versatility among themes. Its AA-grade North American hardwood veneers offer durability and lasting good looks, no matter which finish you choose. The finishes are also very handsome and you have a choice between Espresso Walnut and Bourbon Cherry. Espresso Walnut is a deep, dark coffee color that really draws focus from the eyes and Bourbon Cherry is a gorgeous, sumptuous shade of sheer brown, almost a caramel color. The latter boasts some distinctive detailing in the swirling bird’s-eye maple insets, offset by classic walnut inlays.

It appears graceful, almost gazelle-like in stature, but it is built for dependability and sturdiness. A center drawer allows for pens, pencils and important papers to be kept on hand, while the broad work surface provides ample space for elbowroom, reference books and a laptop. Steel threaded leveling glides and full extension ball bearing suspensions ensure your drawer last a long, profitable time. At 29.5″ H x 72″ W x 36″ D, it is really a great size for home office or any office.

In What Setting I Picture This Desk

It is a smooth, lovely look for an office that does not require pretentiousness. It seems honest, simply and its own spotlight, without need for heavy-handed accessories. While quite a bit can be added around it for a greater system, for instance, a credenza behind it, you would need to make sure all the supporting pieces are along the same lines as the desk: sleek, clean and slender. It lends to a prestigious yet open feel; it is quite sophisticated.

I Do Not Picture the Desk in This Setting

This airy piece does not belong in a cluttered room, as it would get lost amid confusion; it may help keep a room organized just for that reason, though. It would work well for a home office, but I do not see it used in a President’s office or a CEO’s. This piece is about understatement, making a big impact with the least amount of materials, not displaying power and wealth with an overabundance of periphery. It will be quite effective with the “less is more” approach.

My Verdict

Simply stated, a great desk for an office that is designed to feel open and welcoming, rather than closed in on itself. To assist with the theme of open warmth, let me suggest the Hitchcock Butterfield Company Gilded Leaf  Framed Print for your wall, to help emphasize the simple elegance of the desk. If any of these choices end up being wrong for you, not to worry; CSN Office Furniture, my preferred merchant, offers free shipping and unmatched customer service. With that in mind, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from making a purchase you simply can’t regret. Click here to check out the Mayline Sorrento 72” wide table desk today!

Mayline Napoli 72″ W Office Desk

So, you have decided to either start a small home-based business or you need a home office for overflow from the main office, or you are one of those lucky few who can work from home with the blessings of a larger company and you require a home office set up for professionalism’s sake. You have chosen your location, set aside the space in the house, and now you need a desk. Allow the suggestion of the Mayline Napoli 72” W Office Desk available in a choice of veneers to fit your decoration needs. [Read more…]